Geelong's first 100% electric car driving school.

Learn to drive in a safe, fun vehicle with a calm and caring instructor.

Bright Spark eco driver education

Become a safer, smarter driver through the use of eco-driving principles to reduce energy usage and minimise emissions.

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Bright Spark Drive School

Bright Spark Driving School

Bright Spark Driving Instructor

Beginner driving lessons

Bright Spark’s fully electric, zero emission Nissan Leaf  is incredibly simple and fun to drive. It is fitted with dual controls, to give beginners the confidence to learn to smoothly and safely control a car.  Bright Spark tailors lessons for your unique needs and encourages parents and driving mentors to join you in your learning.

Refresher driving lessons

Are you a nervous driver? Feel like you need to brush up on your driving skills? Bright Spark stays on top of changes to the road rules and can help you bring confidence to your driving. Bright Spark's electric vehicle is a calm and peaceful learning environment.

Licence test preparation

Bright Spark 's Nissan Leaf complies with all requirements of VicRoads licence testing for an automatic vehicle . 

Bright Spark will give you the skills not just to pass your licence, but for you to become a safer, smarter driver through the use of eco-driving principles.

International licence conversion

Bright Spark has experience driving overseas  (including in left-hand drive vehicles) and can provide lessons for international licence conversion. Bright Spark enjoys delving into road rules in other jurisdictions and tailors lessons for your unique needs.


Meet Greg, the Bright Spark

Greg is an qualified, accredited driving instructor and electric vehicle enthusiast who is passionate about road safety and working with young people.

Greg is an advocate for environmental sustainability and action on climate change but recognises the social and economic need for personal transportation in our society.

Greg believes that Geelong is a great place to learn to drive as there is a large variety of road environments within easy reach.


Meet Bright Spark's 

100% electric

Zero ​emission

2020 Nissan Leaf

Bright Spark's Nissan Leaf is one of the most ‘normal’ looking and functioning, fully electric vehicles on the road. This ensures a seamless skills transition between this electric vehicle and conventional petrol, LPG or diesel-powered vehicles that learner drivers may also gain experience in.

Bright Spark's ZE1 Nissan Leaf has a five star ANCAP safety rating and is the first vehicle of its type fitted with dual controls for driver training  in Victoria.